Wednesday, May 23, 2007

300bp intronic regulatory element in hand gene

"Herein we describe the identification of a regulatory region in the hand gene essential and sufficient for the expression in the visceral mesoderm during embryogenesis. We found that hand expression in the circular visceral mesoderm is abolished in embryos mutant for the FoxF domain containing transcription factor Biniou. Furthermore we demonstrate that Biniou regulates hand expression by direct binding to a 300 bp sequence element, located within the 3rd intron of the hand gene. This regulatory element is highly conserved in different Drosophila species. In addition, we provide evidence that Hand is dispensable for the initial differentiation of the embryonic visceral mesoderm." (Hand is a direct target of the forkhead transcription factor Biniou during Drosophila visceral mesoderm differentiation.)

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