Sunday, September 9, 2007

papers about fish evolution

1. The Evolutionary Fate and Consequences of Duplicate Genes, Science 10 November 2000:

2. Genome evolution and biodiversity in teleost fish, Heredity (2005) 94, 280–294.

a review from J-N Volff

3. Functional Divergence of Two Zebrafish Midkine Growth Factors Following Fish-Specific Gene Duplication, Genome Res. 13:1067-1081, 2003

Instance about "mdka and mdkb underwent functional divergence after duplication".

4. Comparative genomics of ParaHox clusters of teleost fishes: gene cluster breakup and the retention of gene sets following whole genome duplications, BMC Genomics 2007, 8:312

new paper from Axel Meyer's group. Could be kind of explanation to GRB evolution.

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